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Multi Color Multi Stone Angled Heart Set

Multi Color Multi Stone Angled Heart Set

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Sassy and Creative Edgy Fashion

Are you ready to turn heads and make a statement with your unique sense of style? Look no further than our edgy fashion collection. From bold colors and unconventional designs to funky patterns and eye-catching accessories, our edgy fashion line is all about breaking the norms and expressing your individuality. Prepare to embrace your inner rebel and unleash your fashion prowess with these edgy fashion must-haves.


  • Chunky accessories
  • Crystal embellishments
  • Heart-shaped designs
  • Metallic finishes
  • Rhinestone accents
  • Rigid structures

How to Style:

  • Mix and match different textures and patterns for a daring look
  • Pair chunky necklaces with sleek and minimalist outfits to create a striking contrast
  • Layer multiple bracelets and bangles for an edgy stacked effect
  • Combine edgy fashion pieces with softer, feminine items to create a unique juxtaposition

Product Details - Multi Color Multi Stone Angled Heart Set

  • Featuring a chunky pendant with an angled heart design
  • Adorned with multi-color stones and rhinestones for added glamour
  • Constructed with high-quality metal for durability
  • An ideal statement piece for parties, concerts, or any occasion that calls for boldness
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