About Us


Lipstick Killers Collection is a line designed for the fierce and fearless, a risk-taker, and hustler.  It’s a chic-punk line that let’s the world know that women are not afraid to show their true selves inside and out. LKC accessories are all shipped from the USA. 

LKC's current clothing collection features tees that are locally sourced and manufactured in the USA. Some tops, dresses, and skirts are shipped from our overseas manufacturer. Because we are a sustainable company, we vow to offset our carbon footprint on ALL orders and give back to the earth. See below for details!  


Carbon Neutral Certification - 2015 

PMI Hours of Impact Report 2022 - 2023

Carbon Data Report  

Data available at https://app.getgreenspark.com/dashboard/1694635656846/big-gyrl-clothing,-inc