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Matte Black and White Black Girl Magic Bracelets

Matte Black and White Black Girl Magic Bracelets

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Edgy Fashion Description:

Get ready to rock the fashion world with our daring and unapologetically fierce edgy fashion collection. With its bold designs and rebellious spirit, this style is not for the faint of heart. Embrace your inner rebel and make a statement wherever you go. Unleash your edginess!


  • Matte black and white color palette
  • Intricate beadwork and rhinestone detailing
  • Afro and black girl magic charm accents
  • Set of bracelets for a layered look

How to Style:

  • Pull off the edgy look by adding these bracelets to a leather jacket and ripped jeans combo
  • Pair them with a sleek little black dress to add a touch of rebellious glamour
  • Style them alongside other statement jewelry pieces for an even bolder look
  • Complete your outfit with a fierce attitude and an air of confidence

Product Details:

  • Category: Fashion
  • Sub Category: Bracelets
  • Color: Matte Black and White
  • Style: Edgy
  • Theme: Afro, Black Girl Magic
  • Occasion Wear: Any
  • Product Title: Matte Black and White Black Girl Magic Bracelets
  • Tags: Afro, Bead, Black, Bracelets, Charm, Girl, Jewelry, Magic, Melanin, Pride, Rhinestone, Sets
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